Cultivating a Passion for Music

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We're Now Offering Online Lessons!

We've transitioned all of our existing students and new students to online lessons! We can get you on the schedule today, just call either location!

Both of our physical locations are closed for in-person lessons, retail and repairs until we get notice from our respective counties that it is safe to conduct business. Thank you for your understanding and patience during this time.

Online Lessons are a wonderful solution to keep your kids engaged, learning and excited about music. Additionally, we believe that music is very therapeutic and in this time of uncertainty it will be a wonderful reprieve from all that is going on.

Below are some FAQs that may be crossing your mind about the online lessons.


Question: Will my lesson still be at the same time as it was previously scheduled?

Answer: Yes, you will be scheduled on the same day of the week and time. If you need to make a schedule change please email: or leave a message at 512-614-6491 and we will return your call.

Question: Will we have the same music teacher?

Answer: Yes, you will have the same instructor.

Question: How do I find out the online meeting link for the lesson?

Answer: You will need to download the gotomeeting app on whatever device you'd like to use to participate in the lesson (phone, tablet, desktop, etc.) You do not need to create a user id or start a free trial to participate. You will receive an email from us with your unique online lesson link. Just click on the link we send to join the online meeting.

Question: What if I would like to change the day or time of the lesson?

Answer: Please email or call 512-614-6491

Question: Can I spread the word about online lessons through social media to my friends?

Answer: Yes, that would be wonderful. And we will give you and your friend 1 free lesson when your friend mentions that you referred them. Referral is for new customers.

Question: I would like to increase my lesson time from 30 minutes to 50 minutes.

Answer: It is possible we can do this. Please email or call to go over schedule details.

Question: My child takes drum lessons but we do not have a drum set at home. What should we do?

Answer: It's definitely an adjustment for all of us, we would of course prefer to do our lessons in person. Please take comfort in knowing our instructors have done several online lessons before and they all have their own methods of making their lessons a productive/fun experience. You don't need a drum set to learn rudiments, stick technique, sightread, music vocabulary, rhythm exercises, etc. An old book with a thick cover can substitute for a drum pad in a pinch. Our teachers have numerous resources and understand several techniques that can be taught through a screen that will make your student's online lesson fun, productive and worthwhile.