Repair Services


Electric Guitar/Bass Setup $45

  • - Full inspection of electronics, frets, hardware and structure
  • - String change (required for setup)
  • - Action/string height set alongside neck curvature
  • - Neck angle adjustment
  • - Balance tremolo
  • - Clean and inspect electronics
  • - Intonation
  • - Nut slot filing
  • - Tighten and lube hardware
  • - Pickup height
  • - Oil fretboard (if required)
  • - Wipe-down & polish
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Acoustic Guitar Setup $55

  • - Full inspection of frets, hardware and structure
  • - Neck relief
  • - String change (required for proper setup)
  • - Action/string height at saddle
  • - Clean and inspection of saddle slot
  • - Intonation adjustments at saddle
  • - Saddle shaping
  • - Nut slot shaping
  • - Tighten and lube hardware
  • - Inspection and adjust pickup position
  • - Oil fretboard and bridge (if required)
  • - Wipe-down & polish


  • - Level, crown, fine polish, includes setup – $90-$110**
  • - Partial re-fret ($20-30 per fret) (typically requires additional fret leveling)
  • - Full re-fret (choose fret wire type/size) - Please bring guitar in-store for quote.
  • (Typically $200-300 depending on fretboard type and binding)
  • - Fret edges and dressing only (for sharp fret ends) $40

Structural Repair

  • - Headstock crack $50-70
  • - Hairline cracks $40-80
  • - Binding re-glue or replacement $60-100
  • - Bridge re-glue $70-90
  • - Brace repair $80-120
  • - Neck reset $250-400
  • - Fretboard removal/truing $150-250

Misc/Hardware Swaps and Repair

  • Nut or saddle replacement, pre-shape $40
  • Nut or saddle replacement, blank $70
  • Nut cavity reshaping $20-$40
  • Strap button install $20
  • Floating bridge/Floyd Rose repair (knife edge filling) $40
  • Hole plug/redrilling $10 per hole
  • Tuner pegs $40

Electronics and Soldering


Humbucker or single coil; electric guitar or bass

  • One pickup –$35
  • Two pickups– $55
  • Three pickups–$75

Acoustic pickup install (includes jack installation)

  • Under Saddle Pickup — $45
  • Microphone + Adhesive — $35
  • Soundhole/magnetic– $35


  • Volume/tone pots - $30
  • Switches - $20 to $40
  • Tone circuit - $20
  • Input jack - $20
  • Sheilding(copper tape) - $40
  • Misc/general "per joint" - $6


Many options are offered, contact for more info

Repair Services Notes

1. String action is set for the style the customer prefers. Low action with a little fret buzz is the general setup type for most electric guitars with standard light string gauge. However, there are different expectations for action when it comes to different styles of guitar playing. For example, blues players who play tight radius vintage Fender Stratocasters or Telecasters will prefer medium-high action in order to have zero "fret-out" on bends and minimal buzzing across the neck with heavy pick attack. Rock and metal players prefer low-medium action for fast yet versatile playability. Fusion/jazz/prog metal players generally prefer lowest possible action for maximum finger gymnastics and speed.

2. Setups are performed with the use of measurements of overall string height taken from the middle of the string (12th fret) and the first fret, neck relief, and neck angle in order to keep quality of work consistent. Personal playing style and string type will affect these measurement, so it is important that you specify your preferred style in order to receive the best results.

**Fret leveling an crowning can take more time depending on fret material and alloy ratio, and how much leveling is required.

Many custom services are offered but not listed here. If you have any questions please ask and I will cheerfully answer you as fast as I can, typically within 24hrs!



Working out of his home studio, "Wolfcreek Studio," Miles Manglos has a practical approach to his style of mixing. While he lives in the digital realm of audio, he prioritizes the use of the most faithful plugin emulations of popular analog gear, such as Slate Digital, Waves, IK Multimedia, UAD, and more.

At the core of his setup is an Apple Mac Pro with solid state drive and 3.5 GHz 6-Core Intel Xeon E5 processor, and Thunderbolt audio interfaces. On-site microphone selection includes Slate VMS Ml-1, Ml-2, Shure SM7b, SM81, SM57, PGA81 Sennheiser MD421, E604, Royer r121

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