Recording Studio

$50 per hour (Includes Studio Engineer), $40 per hour for Woodshed Students

$60 per recorded track. We have in-house studio musicians available
Guitar, Piano, Drums, Vocals, Bass, Flute, Violin and more.

Our studio engineers operate industry standard professional equipment including Neve, Chandler and SSL pre-amps and compressors, Pro Tools 12 and Logic Pro 9 DAW Software.

Call (512) 512 -6491 ext. 105


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Recording Equipment that is available in Studio

Microphone Pre-Amps
Neve Portico II master buss processor
Neve Portico II channel x2
Neve 5024 Portico series 4 channel pre amps
Neve 5043 Portico series duo compressors
Neve 5032 Portico series pre amp equalizer
Neve 542 Portico series tape emulator X2
API A2D two channel pre amps
API 560 eq

Universal Audio LA610
Universal Audio 4-710d 4 channel pre amps
SSL X logic channel strip mic pre
Chandler Limited EMI TG Channel pre amp w/eq
Chandler Limited Germanium compressor
Dangerous 2-bus

A/D D/A Hardware
Universal Audio Apollo 16
Universal Audio Apollo UAD 2 Quad
Universal Audio D Satellite 8 Core
Hear back headphone system

Guitar Amps
1948 Fender Super V Front
1958 Fender Princeton
1958 Fender Tremolux
1959 Fender Bassman Tweed
Red Plate Black Verb 1×12

Telefunken Ar-71 Stereo Tube Microphone
Telefunken Ar-51 Tube Microphone
Neuman Km 184 ( x 2 )
Royer R121 Ribbon ( x 2 )
Shure Sm7b
Shure Sm81. (x 2 )
Sennheiser MD 421 ( x 3 )
Shure Beta 52A kick drum mic

Digital Audio Workstation
Pro Tools 12
Logic Pro 10
Genelec 1032A Monitor Speakers
Avantone Speakers
Drawmer MC2.1 monitor controller

Electric Guitars
1999 Fender Statocaster
2006 Gibson Standard Les Paul
Epiphone Dot Hollow
2012 Fender Telecaster Deluxe
2012 Gibson SG 1961 Re-issue

Acoustic Guitars
Martin 12 String Acoustic
Takemine 6 String Acoustic

Bass Guitars
1976 Rickenbacker 4003 Natural
1976 Rickenbacker 4003 Natural
2012 Sting Fender Precision
2010 Music Man Stingray Classic

Hammond Organ B3 with Leslie Cabinet
Korg Kross Keyboard

DW Collectors Series Drums:
22″ x 18″ Bass Drum
14″ x 5″,  14″ x 6.5″ Snare Drums
8″ x 7″, 10″ x 8″, 12″ x 10″  Toms
14″ x 14″,  16″ x 16″  Floor Toms

Sabian 13″ Paragon High-hat
Sabian 16″ HHX Crash
Sabian 17″ AAX Studio Crash
Sabian 22″ Paragon Ride