Policies & Pricing



Billed at the beginning of the month. This will ensure your spot on the schedule weekly.

  • $135/Month for 30 Minute
  • $218/Month for 50 Minute

PAY-AS-YOU-GO (walk-in lesson)

Call weekly and schedule a lesson as the schedule allows.

  • $40 for 30 minutes
  • $60 for 50 minutes

Payment is due upon scheduling the lesson and is NONREFUNDABLE.


We require automatic billing. By signing this document, you are authorizing the use of your credit card to be charged on the 1st of the month or upon the 1st visit (for Prorated/PAYG lessons).

Our teachers have reserved a time-frame for your lessons. Our teachers generally have a full schedule, which makes it very difficult for them to accommodate changes to your reserved time period. We want you to be the best musicians you can be! Please make every effort to be at your lessons, as attendance can directly influence your musical progress. Students can make up 4 lessons per year per instrument as the schedule allows. All others missed lessons will be forfeited. However, if a teacher is out, they are required to make up the missed lessons on either a makeup day or at another designated time. Teacher makeups are additional to your 4 makeup lessons a year. Our scheduling coordinators will work to accommodate a time that works for you.

For 2017, we will NOT have lessons on the following days:

  • March 13th-18th (Spring Break)
  • May 29th (Memorial Day)
  • July 4th (Independence Day)
  • Sept 4th (Labor Day)
  • October 31st (Halloween)
  • November 23rd-25th (Thanksgiving Week)
  • December 25th-30th (Christmas Week)

There are NO MAKE-UPS for Holiday closures. If you would like to schedule additional lessons, please contact our schedule coordinator. Additional lessons are at the PAY-AS-YOU-GO rates. We may cancel lessons if weather conditions are severe. This is for the safety of staff, teachers, and students. There will be no makeup lessons for these events.

Our Text Messaging System is our primary source of communication about pertinent information concerning lessons. Please text “@woodshed” to the number “81010.” Other forms of communication are emails, announcements on the homepage of the website, Facebook, Twitter, and store signs. Please check these mediums for the latest lesson news.

Tuition is NONREFUNDABLE. If you terminate your lesson mid-month, you will still be charged for the ENTIRE MONTH of lessons. We require that you notify us in writing by the 3rd week of the month if you are terminating your lessons for the following month. If you have remaining lessons, you can make them up as the schedule allows. Please fill out Termination Form online or REQUEST in PERSON at the scheduling desk.

Woodshed Live – Every 2-3 months, we host a concert featuring our students and what they have learned during their lessons. These are hosted at our store or at local establishments. Photos and DVDs are available for purchase at most shows.

Earned Recording Studio Time – After 3 months of completed lessons students will qualify for 2 hours of recording studio time as a courtesy for customer loyalty. Hours do not accumulate and will expire after 30 days if not redeemed. Terminating lessons earned hours are forfeited.
Practice Time – Students may perform for prolonged time on our indoor stage during the week: Monday-Thursday from 4-6 pm. Other times available upon request. Lounge is also available for use during lessons.

Garage Band – We usually host 4-5 sessions of Garage Band every year. The students must be able to play a full song to audition. Ages 8- Adults.
Bands will be arranged after auditions and students will rehearse for 6-7 weeks then perform at Darwin’s on 6th Street 7th or 8th week depending
on the schedule.

Other Events – Nursing Home Performances, Teen Nights, Festivals, & More!