FOX Television is bringing you the biggest, sure to be, new hit reality music competition show called THE FOUR!

If you are an unknown and up and coming singer, vocalist, music artist and want to be considered for this please email me directly at

INCLUDE THE FOLLOWING TO BE CONSIDERED:  YOUR BIO, PICS, LINKS AND BEST VIDEOS and Laura will guide you through the process of BEING CONSIDERED by the producers and head casting for this. Laura is the assistant casting producer for this show and her territory is TEXAS. SHE wants to hear from you!

If you need to prep for audition, The Musicians Woodshed would love to help!  One of our very own teachers, Pearl is being considered.  Book a session with her TODAY.

The Musicians Woodshed offers a comprehensive list of music lessons types including vocal coaching, guitar, bass, drums, and a variety of others. Our music instructors come from all walks of life and offer a tailored learning experience for each individual.

Please visit our teacher biographies to see which teacher might be the best fit for you, or fill out a lesson inquiry form and we’ll get back to you with a recommendation.

Our retail space is filled with the new and used guitars of various brands. We use the “Pick and Pull” method of sales: feel free to pull off a guitar and play it to your satisfaction. We feel it makes sense for you to get acquainted with an instrument prior to purchasing. Ryan Holley is our guitar and instrument specialist; he is only too happy to offer an informed opinion on all of our current musical instruments.

We have a state of the art recording studio with a staff that are experience in a variety of genres. We currently use Logic Pro 9 and Protools to craft our projects, and various top quality brands for recording such as Neve, Chandler, Roya, and Shure.

On top of our main services we offer several specialty programs that allow students to engage with our staff in a much more intimate way. We offer a six week course; ‘Garage Bands’ that allows students to group with other students of like talent and learn to jam.

Another successful program we offer is our group of summer camp lessons. These are a rotating collection of themed group activities designed to teach younger students different aspects of music theory and history.