Garage Band

Wanna be a ROCKSTAR?

Next Garage Band Audition
Saturday, January 6, 2018

Doors Open at Noon
Walk-Ins Welcome
Open to Public

**Do not have to be a Musicians Woodshed Student
Requirements: Must be able to play full song. Vocalist to sing without lyrics a full song.

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Garage Band Details

Brush up on your skills and take a lesson to prepare for next Garage Band Auditions.Ever thought of being a part of Band?
Want to experience what its like to be a Rock Star?
Do you know about the hard work it takes to be a Rock Star?

Well, we have the program for you. Ages 8-Adults.

The Musicians Woodshed is offering a program called “Garage Band” to anyone who would like to be in a band. The Woodshed coaches will be grouping like-minded musicians with the same skill level. Rehearsal is 1.5 hours once a week. Students are coached on preparing 3 songs (or more) for gigs at the Woodshed and possibly off-site locations when the bands are ready. It’s a great opportunity for students to learn to work in a team and experience what it’s like to be in a band.

$300 for 6 rehearsals and a performance.

Brush up on your skills and take a lesson to prepare for next Garage Band Auditions.

Have more questions?  Call us at 512-614-6491 x 105
or submit a request for more information .  The Garage Band Coordinator will get back with you.

If you cant make this garage band audition.   Don’t worry.   Future garage band audition:  Saturday March 24, 2018     Final Show: Saturday May 19,2018

Submit a request for more information.
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